The End of the Year

Pet owner talking to his pet dog on the couch sofa, loving affec    Here we are. Approaching the end of the year 2018.  There is the News Year Resolution in the works for many people. People use the last days of December deciding on what they feel they need to improve in their lives. I don’t take part in the annual ritual. The act begins with dedication and ends quickly with the idea pushed to the back seat so another goal can be in the spotlight. 

Most of us work too hard. Myself is included in this realism. I work a full day’s work, and then I bring it home to try to get more work done in order to stay ahead of the revolving door of due dates. 

I have come to realize that if we want to try to do better in our lives we might want to try to leave work at work and have a life at home. To not worry about the work that is due. T Try to concentrate on what we can do to relieve stress and relax at home with our family and friends. As I write this, my cat has decided to use my arm as a pillow. She wants my attention, and I have to realize that I can give her attention that she deserves and not let my work take over and keep me from the little, wonderful parts of daily life. 

So let us stop. Look around the room or world and remember what we loved to do at one point in our lives. Recognize what we are missing out on. Make the decision to put the computer down, close the book and shut the T.V. off. Find your family, friends, or pets and sit and visit. Go out on the town, or take a walk.  Remember what it was like to be relaxed and to have fun. Happy New Year everyone. 



The leaves are falling. They are almost all gone. The soft maple trees are still holding on to their yellow leaves.  They almost glow against the dark blue and dark gray skies of November. alley-autumn-autumn-colours-235721

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